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Fruit Pies, 10-inch

Strawberry Rhubarb ($34.50)
Raspberry Rhubarb ($34.50)
Raspberry ($35.50)
Raspberry Blueberry ($35.50)
Lemon Buttermilk with Berries ($34.00)
Lemon Buttermilk ($34.00)
Cherry ($35.50)
Blueberry ($35.50)
Apple ($34.50)

Meat Pies

— Fresh or Frozen (10-inch/6-inch)–
Tourtiere ($47.00/$19.00)
Steak, Mushroom & Guinness ($49.00/$19.00)
Chicken Pot Pie ($47.00/$19.00)
Curry Pot Pie ($47.00/$19.00)


Sourdough ($11.00)
Raisin Rye ($11.00)
Multigrain ($11.00)
Italian ($11.00)
Soda ($11.00)
Frozen ONLY–
Einkorn 100% sourdough ($11.00)

Coffee Beans

Peruvian single origin organic (Savary Brand) ($19.00 /1 lb.)
Espresso Blend ($19.00 /1 lb.)
Decaf ($19.00 /1 lb.)

—— New! ——
From our General Store

Saki’s Olive Oil, 750 ml. $24.00
Saki’s Kalamata Olives, 500 ml. $9.50

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